Published on 2011/02/13

The Cursed Rabbit

Ivan Dreka

One day a bunny got the urge
to go to places new,
but as to where our lad should go
he did not have a clue.

“Oh, should I go to Istanbul,
or maybe Paris, France?
So many places I could try.
I’ll leave it up to Chance.”

But then remembered he a place
in tales he heard one time.
“I’ll travel to Siberia!
Now, that would be sublime.”

He then packed up his camping gear
without a map to guide.
“I simply cannot wait to go!”
He said halfway outside.

Two nights from then, the bunny found
a dark and ancient wood.
He peered and gazed, but could not find
a path both clear and good.

He thought of going round the wood
but that would take too long.
“I cannot let myself grow weak.
I must be brave and strong.”

On saying this, he dashed head-long
into the forest thick.
He thought that he might surely die
if he did not run quick.

“I must make haste. I must run fast.
Oh, legs, please do not fail!
The feral monsters won’t think twice
to chew off my cute tail.

The bunny ran and dodged the trees
then came into a glade.
Upon his ears he felt a breeze,
but there no rustling made.

He stood there shaking like a leaf
and loudly called, “Who’s there?”
He heard naught but a child’s laugh,
so eerie yet quite fair.

“Salutations! And good tidings,
you trav’ler from afar,
For now you are in my good home.
Klushenta’s where you are!”

In saying this, she eased some fears
of our young bunny beau.
“Gladly met, miss faerie, ma’am,
but we must surely go.”

“I hear some monsters chasing me.
It fills me full of dread.
And if I linger any longer
I fear I’ll soon be dead.”

“What, ho! I never have before
heard such a cheeky tongue!
You stand there speaking of my home
with lies till now unsung.

Klushenta houses not the evil
You find in your own mind.
The monsters heard are mere illusions.
I damn thy family line!

Before the sun’s protection sets
and evil creeps with night,
your fur will shine as Foxfire,
a green and horrid light.

When ere your fears do blaze aflame
so will your fur burn too,
and draw each nearby evil thing
to go a-hunting you!”

Once finished with these words of wrath
the faerie disappeared
and left the poor lad all alone,
just as the bunny feared.

The evening light was fading fast
which caused our boy to tremble.
Among the gentle forest noises
he heard dark things assemble.

The light had failed and then he glowed
and now he fled in vain.
For once outside the sacred forest,
our cursèd boy was slain.

Ivan Dreka is a graduate of Arkansas Tech University's English program and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching. He hopes to one day share his love of learning and his deep love of the English language with his middle level and junior high students. His only publication to date is his short story "Judgement and Justice" from the Fall of 2008 issue of Arkansas Tech University's NEBO Literary Journal, where he worked on the staff under Isaac Wardlaw in the Spring of 2009.