Published on 2011/03/06


Mia Dixon

Born on the same day, eighteen minutes apart, there was no escaping each other. Notloc showed no powers in the beginning but Ecart defied all odds from birth.

As Ecart lay in the tiny aquarium fitted as a breathing apparatus, he pondered the outside world. You see, there was really nothing wrong with him. Having a flair for the dramatics, he managed to increase his breaths per minute to an incredibly high rate causing a flurry of doctors and nurses to monitor him excessively.

Finally, on the twenty-eighth day of April, he decided he had had enough fun and slowed his breathing to normal. His brother, Notloc had been discharged days before as a healthy baby with no signs of illnesses. Ecart’s parents were called to pick him up from the hospital.

Ecart could see nothing as the car bounced along the road. Being an infant would have its disadvantages. What were they thinking encasing them into these useless bodies? After what seemed like hours, the car stopped. Ecart was transported into a building. Suddenly, he felt at peace. His twin brother was here somewhere.

Someone was coming. There was some sort of contraption holding him immobile. Cold fingers touched him and he flinched. He heard some clicking sounds. Then he was lifted out of the contraption. His eyes, what was wrong with them? He opened and closed them a few times but it wasn’t any better. Baby eyes! All he could make out were two eyes and a mouth. It looked like one of those yellow smiley faces, except it wasn’t yellow and it didn’t always smile. So this was Mother.

Mother changed his diaper and put him in a fuzzy outfit and laid him down next to someone. Not just any someone. It was Notloc, his twin brother. Ecart tried to remember the last time, before this, that they were together. What had happened to send them to start over as infants? He wished he could ask someone but he’d already tried to speak to Mother. Gurgle sounds were all that escaped his lips.

All at once, his stomach lurched in pain and he could not help screaming in a high pitch! Here was mother again. He was picked up and something warm flowed into his mouth. Every day was the same. He couldn’t see clearly, he couldn’t speak or move around on his own. Mother was always there though. Making him warm again whether changing his diapers or feeding him milk. Notloc was there too comforting him as he always had though they could not speak to each other.

One night, feeling especially restless in this tiny practically paralyzed body, he remembered something. Though he could not move much physically, he could travel mentally. The house was quiet. Notloc’s rhythmic breathing helped him focus. One-one thousand, Two-one thousand, he pushed his mind through the mental barrier to freedom! He was above the room. He could see the little bodies lying in their cribs. He saw Mother nearby asleep in a chair. He went higher still. He saw his house and neighborhood, then his town. He spotted a river that looked like a girl’s ribbon winding through the town. The moonlight gave it a silver glow. He started to forget the present. He couldn’t remember the past, but he didn’t care. At this moment, he was floating freely, the night was beautiful. He looked up and tried to count the stars. One was particularly bright. It seemed to be getting closer. Closer it came, making him feel warmer, then blindingly hot until all he could see was white light. Whatever had been holding him up there let go! He was falling, falling, falling! THUD! He heard someone screaming in terror! He realized it was the baby Ecart. HE was crying. Mother picked him up and snuggled him close to her. “There, there little Ecart. Now where have you been in those dreams?” She whispered.

Ecart was surprised to find himself soothed by this stranger and managed a very adult sigh in response. As he drifted to sleep in Mother’s arms he thought, maybe new beginnings aren’t so bad.

Mia Dixon is a mother of four. She lives in Central Arkansas with her husband, twin ten-year-old sons and her dog Daisy. She loves sweet tea, d-i-y projects, and everything to do with the Victorian era.